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What Kids are Saying about X-Nilo:
Recently a second grade class at a Christian school outside of Philadelphia, PA
watched episode one of The X-Nilo Show. Here are their comments:

"I liked the part where a guy found a dinosaur tooth! But oh! This other guy stole the tooth! That other guy showed him in the Bible that dinosaurs lived 6,000 years ago! WOW!  And like the part where Kurt got dizzy and fell down! Kurt did a great job!"
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"I like this video A LOT! Some of my favorite parts are when you showed the big dinosaur tooth. I think that's neat!!!  I think I understood nearly everything.   I also liked where  the lab rocks.  I liked the one guy that had the boots and the hat.  The dinosaur sing-a-long was very cute!! I think this is one of the best dinosaur videos I've seen in my whole entire life! It was great! Good work! I can't wait till my mom can buy the show for me."
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"I like when Johnny was wearing a hat that had wings and pretended he was flying."
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"The best part I liked is when you talk about Adam. I think that tooth was neat. I liked the part when the girls were singing.  I like that cowboy hat. It was great and funny.  I liked the part when the man falls down.  I like those fossils. I like the part when the dinosaur tries to eat him."
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"I think the video would be great for the people who believe in evolution so they won't believe in evolution. I liked this video a lot because it doesn't talk about evolution. It's a really good video. I loved it. You did a really, really good job."
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"I liked it very much. I like the script when the gyro chased that one guy. You can't do anything better. Good job."
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"I liked when Kurt says 'dinosaur' and the room shakes. I liked that big tooth that he found in the ground. I liked the Greek guy that's so small. I liked when the gyro falls on him. I liked when the puzzle falls on Kurt. I liked all the words that go through the screen. I liked Mr. Adam and the court. I liked Eve. I liked the very big ark. I liked Mr. Answer Man and that cowboy."
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"I liked the part where every time Kurt said 'dinosaur' the room shaked like dinosaur feet stomping. I liked the scene where the little Greek person comes in and told about dinosaurs. I liked the special effects.  I think the video will be good for people that think dinosaurs lived millions and millions of years ago.  I really like the video.  Kids will love it!!!!!! Good job!!"
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"I liked when you said 'dinosaur' and the room shakes. I like the teeth you found. I like that little Greek man. I liked when the bread fell on the Greek man.   This was a good video. I think the T-rex hat was funny and the dinosaur boots and I liked that song and when the lizard could not jump through the hoop. It was really really funny."
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If you have seen The X-Nilo Show,
please send us your comments and we'll put them on this page.

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