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What's New on this Site?
This page is designed to keep you up-to-date on what new changes are happening on this site.
When you return to this site, please look at this page first.

The First Episode! - This site features the first X-Nilo episode featuring the topic of "Dinosaurs and the Bible."  Check out the wonderful pictures and graphics from this episode!   Also see behind the scenes photos of the people who made this production possible!

Files You Can Download! - Check out this great page with the X-Nilo graphic you can download for wallpaper on your computer screen.  Also available are two audio WAV files.  The first is the :30 opening music from the first episode.  The second audio clip is the "Dinosaur-Sing-Along" song heard at the end of the first episode.  Check it out!

Attn: Broadcasters and Attn: School Teachers - X-Nilo Productions is offering both of these groups a free viewing copy of the first episode.  We want to get this show out in front of people and you are some of the best people to do this!

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