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About the Host:
Kurt Streutker is the host of The X-Nilo Show.  
The following is a brief biography on him as well as his e-mail address.

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Professor Kurt Streutker

Kurt was chosen to be the host of the show for several reasons but the main reason was his knowledge and passion to share God's creation with children.  Kurt's full-time job is Creation Evangelism and Outreach Coordinator for Answers in Genesis, a creation based ministry located near Cincinnati, Ohio.

Kurt graduated from Christian Heritage College of San Diego, majoring in science.  While there, Kurt sat under the teaching of John Morris, president of Institute for Creation Research.  He then attended Sonoma State in Santa Rosa, California working on a graduate degree.   During this time he started teaching creation based science classes at a Christian elementary and high school.  Several years later he moved to Cincinnati to work for Answers in Genesis.

You can e-mail Professor Kurt with any questions you might have, as well as talk to him about booking a seminar in your home town.

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