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Future Episodes:
Three additional episodes are currently in development to be released this fall with three more on the way.  The topics for these shows deal with questions kids are asking about the Bible and science.  Be looking at this web site for sneak previews of these episodes. 
Here is a brief description of them.


"Where did God Come From?"
-  This episode will explore a very common question kids ask about God.  The answer sets the foundation for His creation and how we understand science and the Bible.  Professor Kurt will explore several scientific methods as well as what the Bible says about God to answer this tough question. 

"Why is there Death and Suffering?" - Kids are always wondering why bad things happen. This episode answers this question by looking at the issue of sin and how it brought a breakdown to the world we live in.  Fortunately, God by his love and grace made a way to redeem His creation through his Son.  Through His Son one day He will do away with death and suffering.  This episode explores all of these answers to the main question.

"Was Noah's Ark Really True?" - Kids wonder how the story of Noah's ark could have really happened the way the Bible describes it.  Professor Kurt explores overwhelmine scientific evidence proving a global flood as described in the Bible. 


Three additional episodes are planned.  They include topics of dating methods and the age of the earth, more on dinosaurs, and the origin of human races.  Production on these episodes will begin late this year.

Please e-mail us with any questions you would like answered in an X-Nilo episode.

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