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"Dinosaurs and the Bible"
The first episode of The X-Nilo Show (running time of 28:30)
explores the topic of dinosaurs and how to make sense of them in light ofthe scriptures.  Several common questions are addressed in the program are:

How long ago did dinosaurs live on the earth?
Has anyone ever seen a dinosaur?
What does the Bible say about these creatures?
Were there dinosaurs on Noah’s ark, and if so, how did they fit?
How old is the earth according to the Bible?

kurtark.jpg (6538 bytes) Professor Kurt takes a close look at the evidence for dinosaurs and the
Biblical record. Topics such as Noah taking dinosaurs on the ark will be
addressed. As a part of this quest, Professor Kurt will explore the age of
the earth according to the Biblical text and how dinosaurs and man lived
censored.jpg (9416 bytes) Segments such as “Censored Moments in Science” will uncover evidence
for dinosaurs living recently. Many modern day scientists have censored
evidence to support a Biblical account of the dinosaurs living among men.
X-Nilo will uncover these hidden evidences. 
DrParker.jpg (6987 bytes) Paleontologist and Creationist Dr. Gary Parker is interviewed about what
happens on a dinosaur dig and what to expect to find in light of the
Biblical record.  An authentic dinosaur dig in Colorado is also shown in
this interview.


Bones.jpg.jpg (7839 bytes) Many different fictional characters will appear through the show.   Dr.
will introduce the idea of a young earth and how the authority of
the Bible stands firm throughout history.
drstan.jpg (6710 bytes) Dr. Stan, "The Answer Man" will venture out to show a young mind how
scientists know what dinosaurs ate.  
johnny.jpg (10633 bytes) Johnny Chipawood is a fast talking western shop owner who talks fast,
with something very serious to sell his audience, dinosaur hide boots.
This short skit touches on the idea that dinosaurs lived recently, not
millions of years ago.
greek.jpg (7347 bytes) Professor Kurt investigates a “little Greek” to find out where the word
“dinosaur” came from.  The Bible does not include this word in any
passages, but that's because dinosaurs used to be known as something
else in Biblical times.  What was this term?


arkdrwn.jpg (8452 bytes) The X-Nilo Show has exciting graphics from artist Mark Asman, who has
been involved in projects for the Discovery Channel and the Family
. His artistic talent brings to life Noah building the ark, man’s
rebellion against their creator, the evolution/creation debate, and
dinosaurs fitting on the ark. These segments are very creative, appealing
to children of all ages.
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singalng.jpg (6845 bytes) The show will close with an entertaining sing-a-long to review the material
covered in the last half-hour. Ranch-hand-Randy will lead children to sing
this catchy song from the Lizard Lounge called "The Dinosaur

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