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Education Uses for X-Nilo:
Not only is The X-Nilo Show entertaining, it teaches kids about the Bible and the dinosaurs.The video has been used in several educational applications.  Here are a few of them:

The School Room - The X-Nilo Show has been tested on kids in the school room with exciting results!   Some grades teach dinosaurs for certain grades and this video would be a great introduction to the series.  X-Nilo Productions is offering school teachers a complimentary copy of the show for their kids to view.

Home Schools - The X-Nilo Show can also be used with home schools.  Kids will love watching Professor Kurt's antics, at the same time they are being educated on the Bible and the interesting topic of dinosaurs.

Sunday Schools - The X-Nilo Show can also be used in Sunday schools.  It's half hour length makes it ideal to show to a class, leaving time for discussion during the remainder of the class.  Purchase the video for your church library, making it avaliable all of your Sunday school classes.

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