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X-Nilo Files You Can Download!
The following files are from the first X-Nilo episode. 
Click on the graphic next to the file you would like to download. 
The file size is next to each download icon.

X-Nilo Graphic Screen Wall Paper (DIB Graphic File):

xgraphic.jpg (4351 bytes) File Name: "xgrahpic.dib"        File Size (226KB)

The X-Nilo Opening Song (WAV Sound File):

Open.jpg (4471 bytes) File Name: "X-Nilo Open.wav"    Length :30 Sec.   File Size (234KB)

The Dinosaur Sing-a-long Song (WAV Sound File):

singalng.jpg (6845 bytes) File Name: "DinoSing-a-long.wav"   Length 2:28    File Size (1,158KB)


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