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Attention: Broadcasters

If you are a part of a television network, television station, or cable channel, we would like to offer a barter copy of the first episode for air.  We suggest airing the program as a special in your kids block several times in a month.  There are two versions of the episode.  One runs 28:30 with no commercial breaks.  The other is a version running 22:30 for avenues airing commercials.

In return, X-Nilo Productions would run a :30 informational spot telling viewers about this web site and/or a 1-800 number they could call for more information.  If you ran the 22:30 version, we would ask for one out of the six minutes of commercial time to run the spot twice.  You would then get five minutes of commercial time.  Format sheets would be available for both versions.   Multiple broadcast tape formats would be available (i.e Betacam, Betacam SP, Digital Betacam, 1", 3/4", and S-VHS).  We would ask that once the episode is finished running on your venue, you would send the tape back.  A :30 second promo would also be included on the broadcast tape to advertise the airing of show.

We recommend you request a VHS viewing copy of the show first, then request the broadcast copy once you've had a chance to see and approve the program.  Please fill out the form below for your VHS copy, or call the X-Nilo Productions office at (503) 353-8420.  Thanks for your interest in The X-Nilo Show.

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