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Additional Creation Based Web Sites:
The X-Nilo site is not the only group of people who believe in a literal creation by God. 
Check out the following sites who base their thinking on the
Biblical account of a literal creation by an intelligent creator.

The Creation Network (TCN) - TCN is a new television program airing on Angel One and several different stations across the country.  Each week features a new documentary and lecture from a well known creationist.

Answers in Genesis (AIG) - AIG's primary purpose is to educate the lay people in the evidences for a Biblically based creation.  They do this mainly through seminars around the U.S.  They also have offices in Australia, Japan, and the UK.   This site is filled with great information to help you discover the evidences for God's creation.

Institute for Creation Research (ICR) - ICR is a ministry to the scientific community.  They have over a dozen scientists on staff who are constantly performing new scientific research.  They have published many findings that have rocked the evolutionary community.  Check it out!

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