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Creator of the X-Nilo Show:
Kyle Justice is the creator and producer of The X-Nilo Show. 
Following is a brief personal history of Kyle's experience
which lead him to produce X-Nilo.

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X-Nilo Creator/Producer

Kyle Justice was born in Portland, Oregon.   From an early age Kyle explored the medium of film and television at home with his twin brother, Shawn, and father, Larry.  This was quite a special family activity because all shared a strong interest in this hobby.   Shawn and Kyle both got quite involved in video production as teenagers.  At 14, they were featured on the syndicated program "PM Magazine" for their involvement in video production.

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Shawn and Kyle were interested in using their faith in Jesus Christ and their experience in television to minister to others.  They created a Christian music videos show titled, "Solid Rock Videos" for the local cable systems in Portland.  Around this time they heard Dr. Donald Chittick, a chemist by trade, speak at a seminar about the evidences for a Biblical creation.  After hearing Dr. Chittick, Kyle was very excited and desired to produce a television show that presented these evidences.

While finishing his schooling at Trinity College in Deerfield, Illinois, Kyle worked for the Moody Bible Institute (Chicago, IL) as their Educational Studios Coordinator.   This responsibility encompassed supervising the audio and video studios for the school as well as being involved in corporate productions for MBI.  After three years of service there, Kyle moved to Virginia Beach, Virginia to work for the Family Channel and MTM Entertainment.  While there he supervised the distribution of syndicated programs such as "Rescue 911" and "America's Funniest Home Videos."  Part-time work included teaching video production at Regent University as an adjunct professor.

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In the Spring of 1996, Kyle started to develop his idea for producing a kids creation-based science show while watching "Bill Nye the Science Guy."   Pooling resources from the Family Channel and Regent University, Kyle sought and found a grant to produce the first X-Nilo episode.  The show was completed in the Spring of 1997 and soon after Kyle and his wife moved back to their home town of Portland, Oregon.

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Kyle has joined back up with his twin brother, Shawn, to produce additional episodes of X-Nilo, which will be shot this coming summer.  For over nine years Shawn has been operating Justice Productions, a corporate video production company.  Shawn's clients include such corporations as Bank of America and Columbia Sportswear, for whom he produces corporate sales tapes and training videos.  

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Most recently Shawn and Kyle collaborated on a scenic video of waterfalls set to soothing piano music.  The waterfalls in the video feature those in the national scenic area of the Columbia River Gorge.  The relaxing video intertwines encouraging Bible verses for meditation and reflection.  The video is entitled "Waterfalls of the Columbia River George."  Two more videos are planned featuring the majestic cascade mountains in winter and the fantastic beaches of Oregon. 

Please feel free to e-mail Kyle with any questions or comments you might have.

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