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X-Nilo Productions:

X-Nilo Productions is a video production company dedicated to producing top quality programs for children and adults which present the message of God's creation.  This mission stems from the owners belief in a literal six day creation by a supernatural God who deeply loves His creation, as the holy scriptures reveal.

There are many science programs on television that present the "facts" from an evolutionary perspective.  It's now time for a change in what is being presented to the general public.  The facts are overwhelming for a Biblical creation and they need to be shared.

The X-Nilo Show is only one program being produced.   Several other programs are in the works, including a program exploring out-of-place artifacts, and another focusing on modern day scientists making discoveries which support a biblical creation.

These are exciting times we're living in and X-Nilo Productions is prepared to produce television programs that reflect the heart of the Creator and His creation.  Most of all, X-Nilo Productions is working toward making the Creator known to His creation.  This was God's design from the beginning and what will be in the end.  

You can contact X-Nilo Productions by e-mail or call (503) 263-8783.

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